The Common Sense Way To Trade Commodities

I have been teaching people to learn to trade Futures & Options since 1997 and I have students in 67 countries.

I'm the author of the #1 Rated course on the market for people who want to learn to trade since 2001.

I've owned my own Brokerage firm as well as being a resistered CTA with the NFA and I've held seminars around the world with some of the top leaders in the industry.

The #1 Rated Course On The Market To
Learn To Trade Commodities - Since 1997

Free Blips Course
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Blips Are David's Signaure Chart Pattern! Blips can
help you spot market reversals BEFORE they happen. 


Common Sense Commodities II

The first version was rated the
#1 course on the market to learn how to trade commodities.

Version II Is Even Better

Instant Access To The Online Course

Including Over 10 Hours of ALL NEW Video

Written in layman's language so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. If you want to learn how to trade commodities for a living does not have to be difficult.
The course is divided into over 20 classes (over 80 individual lessons) with each one covering specific, time proven methods used by professinal traders for decades. The 100+ videos (10+ hours) will drill home what you learned in the course as you go through it.
This course has hundreds of charts and graphics to make each lesson easy to follow to help teach you how to learn to trade commodities.

Learn To Trade Using Some Common Sense

How To Use Support And Resistance Levels (This is key)

This is one of the most important aspects of learning to trade and I'm going to show you how I do it and it's not just drawing a line at the highs or lows on a a chart either. I bet you didn't know that option strike prices often become support and resistance levels did you. Most people don't know that either so don't feel bad. But my students know it!

Which Are The Best Technical Indicators (I only use a few and I will show you which ones work  best in most markets)

Did you know that there are about 100+ technical indicators that I know of and it seems like every week someone is coming out with the most advance, most accurate, 99.9% win rate indicator and they want to sell it to you for only $5,000.00? Don't fall for that crap! There are only a few indicators that are any good anyway and I'm going to show you which ones they are.

How To Spot Reversal Patterns (There are many patterns that will show you when trends could reverse)

The are some chart patterns that are known to be Reversal Patterns. All that means is that the usually precede a change in market direction. On the surface that seems pretty simple but if you did a little deeper it's more to it than that.

Understanding Continuation Patterns (You must learn to be able to tell the difference between Reversal & Continuation Patterns)

These patterns usually, but not always, continues in the same direction. That's why they call them Continuation Patterns. There are a couple of little "tricks" that I use when I see them to make sure they are valid. I'll show you what they are in the course.

What Are Fibonacci Levels and Projections (This is crutial to know because they can show you where potential reversals can take place)

I love using Fibonacci. It can be so accurate it's downright scary. Would you like to know where the price might bead back to when it reverses direction? Would you like to know one of the best places to place your stop and limit orders? Guess what? I'm going to blow your mind with this one. I think that Fibonacci is critical to learn how to trade commodities.

Entering a Trending Market (I'm going to show you the best strategy for entering a trending market)

Well this sounds like a no brainer doesn't it. The truth is that this is one of the hardest things to learn to do correctly. Why? It's because you don't when the right time to jump in the market is. Is the price going to continue in that direction or is it going to reverse on you? Novice trades but professional traders know when to get into a trending market and when to get out and wait for a better time to trade that market. I'll show you how the pros do it.

Understanding And Managing Risk (Most traders, especially new traders don't have a clue how to do this)

This is probably the most important thing I can teach you. Unless you know how to manage your risk you will NEVER be successful. Once you see how to do it correctly then you won't ever look at doing another trade without using this analysis. 

Setting Profit Targets (Unfortunatly most traders end up giving back all their profits because they don't know when to take profits)

All professional traders that I've even known have a very strict way to know when to get out of a trade. I can tell you know that if you don't know when to get out of a trade changes are that you will stay in a trade long enough to see it make a good profit and then just turn around and give it all back. Ever done that? Don't feel bad all of us have and if someone tells you they haven't, chances are they are going to lie to you about something else too.

How To Correctly Add To Your Winners & When To Take Profits (This is where the BIG Money is made)

There are times that you will want to add to your winners and that's what you should do. I was incorrectly taught how to do this when I first started trading and I watched a trade that was up over $32,,000 go overnight to $8,000 in the hole, because I kept adding to it incorrectly, God, I was so pissed off. I'm going to show you how to keep this from happening to you.

Understanding Seasonal Trading (All markets, currencies, grains, meats, financials, energies, etc. have seasonal patterns and you have to learn when they can happen. This is crutial when you want to learn how to trade commodities.

Did you know that ALL markets have seasonal trends? Yes, ALL markets. That means Grains, Metals, Energies and even individual stocks like Apple or Google that certain times of the year that their prices usually swing up or swing down for weeks or even months at a time. I'm going to show you how to select certain markets that have made money 80+% of the time during the past 10 or more years during a certain period of time. I can show you how to find these kinds of trades every month too. This will be essential for you to learn how to trade commodities.

My entire Blips course is included (Much more indepth than the free Blips course with more videos)

Included in this course is my ENTIRE BLIPS COURSE. Blips are my signature chart pattern and once you see how simple they are, you will always want to keep on the lookout for Blips. Quite often they happen at trend reversals. I've got students who tell me that all they trade are Blips now and are doing really well.

Learn How To Lock In Your Profits

Here is a 60 minute chart of the Mar. 2019 S&P Mini that I placed. a trade in during my live daily Webinars. There is no reason you could not have placed this trade at the same time either.

This is a two day trade as of now. Notice the trade has made $3,025.00 so far? Can you see my stop (where I will take profits if the market comes back down)?
I'm using a "trailing stop" ( little blue dots) and it's locked in $2,250.00 profits so far. So the worst thing that should happen is I would make $2,250.00 or MORE. I'm going to teach you how to do this so you don't give all your profits back.
This is not hard to do. You just have to use some common sense and understand a little bit about which trailing stop you should be using. So I can rest easier in this trade by knowing that I'm not going to give my profits back that I made over the last two days. It's money in the bank now.
Over $3,000 In Profits In Only Two Days

Patience And Wisdom Is The Key To Success

Instant Access To The Online Course

Including Eight Hours of ALL NEW Video

Common Sense Options

There are only two kinds of Options, Puts and Calls; yet there are dozens of different ways to combine them. I will show you EVERY kind of Option strategy that I personally trade and which ones to stay away from also.
The course is divided into 39 modules with each one covering each specific option strategy from A to Z for a total of 107 lessons plus 50 videos. You will learn when to use them in your trading and when to use them along with a Futures Contract to reduct your risk and increase potential profits. 
There are dozens of option strategies like Covered Calls and Covered Puts, using Options instead of stops (one of my favorites. You will also learn about selling options also called writting opions to take advantage of the time decay aspect of optons. 

The Perfect Companion Course To Common Sense Commodities

My students tell me that I have once again "hit it out of the park" with this course. I have to agree with them. I think it's the best course I've ever written and certainly the best options course I've ever seen!
107 Lessons + 50 Videos

What Will Common Sense Options Teach You?

My Experience With Options

When I first started trading I don't even think they traded options. Yep, I'm an old coot! Anyway to make a long story short, I stated trading options about 15 years ago. Common Sense Options, from what many of my students tell me is my best course yet. Guess I'm getting better with age like a fine wine. It's okay to laugh if you want to. Now I trade them all the time and they are a major part of my trading strategy.

An option is simply the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell something at a predetermined price on or before a predeterminded date in the future. That's all it is.

What Is An Option Anyway?
What Are The Best Bullish Option Strategies

Some people think that the only bullish strategy is to buy a call when they think the market is going to go up. Nothing could be further from the truth. That's just one more than a dozen ways to get bullish with options. I'm going to show you how you can make as much if not more with options, with far less risk, that you can make with just a straight futures contract.

What Are The Best Bearish Option Strategies

I'm going to show you seven of the top Bearish option strategies you can use. They aren't difficult to learn but it is going to take you a little time for the concept to sink it. That's why the videos are so important for you to watch. If you are like me you are going to love to trade options.

What Are The Best Flat Market Option Strategies

To make money trading futures you need the market to go up if you are long or down if you are short. Right? Well guess what; even if the market doesn't even move one point for a whole month or more (it's never happened) that you can still make darn good money trading options. I'm going to show you exactly how to use options to learn how to trade commodities and make a lot of money if you do it right.

Comparing Options To Futures

That's like comparing a car to a motorcycle I guess. They both get you from point A to point B. Lot's of new traders think that trading options has unlimited risk. Hogwash! Not true, BS as they would say on television. I'm going to show you why trading options can have much less risk that a straight futures contract. I'm also going to show you how to trade them at the same time on the same contract to reduce risk and increase profit potential.

What Is The Best Way To Manage Risk

Managing risk is the first thing you should learn to do as a trader. The sad news is that a lot of people never get around to doing that. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that using some very simple option strategies.

CYA - Covering Your Assets

Don't you love a play on words, especially when it's as good as this one? Seriously I take protecting your account very seriously and of course you should too. I'm have a whole module and video about this. It might just be the most important module in the course.

Between a Rock And a Hard Place

If you've been trading for any time at all then you have found yourself between a rock and a hard place. We all have but the good news is that in many case an option can you you out of a bad situation without incurring any more risk. I'll show you how I use options when that happens to me.

I Will Teach You How To Trade Commodities

If you are looking for some mystical secret that only I know and you think I'm going to share it with you then stop right now, close the browser, and go back to what you were doing!

I don't have any secrets. That might sound strange coming from me but it's true. If anyone tells you they have a new "secret system" on how to trade it's BS. They are lying to you! There are no secrets about how to learn to trade commodities.

What I do have is a unique ability to teach what most people consider a difficult subject into something that is easy to understand, espically for a complete novice. 

This is NOT a "week-end" course. It will take you several weeks before you complete the course so if you want to learn how to trade commodities you will have to spend so time.

When the light goes on and you "get it", I promise you that will will be life changing.

I've been teaching people to trade for over 20 years and have thousands of students in 67 countries, including Anarticia! I've held seminars in the USA, Canada, England, Russia, Brazil and Panama with many industry leaders as well as featured articles in industry  publications.

What Are You Going To Get When You Enroll?

The Common Sense Commodities Course

Common Sense Commodities was rated the #1 course on the market to learn to trade. If it was printed it would be almost 500 pages; a whole ream of paper! Version II is much better in every way. There are better descriptions, more and better charts, better videos and best of all it's online and you get instant access.

#1 Rated Course
20 Modules, 130 Lessons & Over 50 Videos
Lifetime Access

This course is broken down into 20 Modules (Classes), 130 lessons and almost 50 videos (over 10 hours). There is a built in Help Desk where you can ask me questions and a comment section where you can add a comment for everyone else and get feedback from them too. If you don't finish the class, no problem. They will always be there for you when you are ready to learn how to trade commodities.

You will also have LIFETIME access to the entire course content and along with Webinars a few times a month so it turns the course never ends. Each Module will have multiple lessons and several videos. I've found that students learn more when they go through each class and don't skip around. Each chapter builds on what you learned in the previous chapter.

The Common Sense Options Course

The Perfect Companion Course

This is the perfect companion course to Common Sense Commodities II. To learn to trade options you MUST first learn what the underlying "asset" for the option is and how is it trading at the moment as well as where should it go in the future. ONLY then will you know what kind of option strategy you should place. 

47 Modules 107 lessons & 39 Videos

This course is broken down into 47 online modules, 107 lessons and 39 videos (about 8 hours). I looked for years to find a good, simple to understand yet complete course or book on option trading in the futures market. Unfortunatly, it did not exist. Every course or book was either to basic or so complex and confusing that I could never understand it and I consider myself a pretty savvy trader. So what did I do? I wrote one and it's been an incredible success and I have not had even one person ask for a refund; not one! That speaks volumes about the course.

Lifetime Access To The Course

You will also have LIFETIME access to the entire course content, along with the Webinars every month that ensures your education never ends.


Live Webinars Every Month Just For Students

Throughout the month I hold live webinars to cover a specific topic. Sometimes they will be on money management, technical indicators, option spreads or how to use the Track-n-Trade software. My students are the ones who come up with the recomendations for what I will teach in the Webinars. These are Live Webinars where you can join me, ask questions, etc. You will also have access to all the past webinars I have done. I don't know of anyone else in the industry that is offering their students as much as I do.

Discount On Track-n-Trade Software - Lowest Price Guaranteed

HUGE savings on the Track-n-Trade Software that I use. Gecko software will give you a FREE two week trail to their award winning software. It's the ONLY software that I have used to trade with in the last 20 years. It's absolutely amazing! Also when you enroll this course and get the Track-n-Trade software, they have agreed to give you a special price that is only available for my students and it will save you a bunch of money

Help Desk - Support

Got a question? Get an answer often within hours but no more than 24 hours. I'm always here to help you with any questions you may have.

Never Ending Course

The Live Weekly Webinars that I do will cover many different topics, some of which are in the course but expanded on upon during the weekly Webinars, while others are going to be all new material that was not even in the course some of which will be done by special guest who are industry leaders. I already have over 150 videos scattered throughout the courses but I will record the videos we do every week and you will have lifetime access to them. This way, the course never ends and neither does your education.

30 or 60 Days FREE Access To The LIve Daily Trading Room (Normally $197.00 a Month)

Buy either course and get 30 days access to the Live Daily Trading Room. Regular price is $197.00 a month. Buy both courses and get 90 days access to the Live Daily Trading Room. Normally $591.00.

Both Courses

The Common Sense Commodities  Course

The Common Sense Options Course

237 Individulal Lessons

139 Videos

Lifetime access

Live Webinars Every Month

Never Ending Course - Always being updated

Free Trading Journal - Critical To Your Success

60 Days Access to The Live Daily Trading Room (Normally $396)

Both Courses
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Common Sense

The Perfect Companion Course

47 Seprate Modules

107 Individulal Lessons

39 Videos

Lifetime access

Live Webinars Every Month

Never Ending Course - Always being updated

Free Trading Journal - Critical To Your Success

30 Days FREE Access to The Live Daily Trading Room (Normally $197 a month)

Options Course 
Trading Room 30 days 
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ONLY $394

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Common Sense

#1 Rated Course - Version II Is Even Better

20 Seprate Modules

130 Individulal Lessons

100 Videos

Lifetime access

Live Webinars Every Month

Never Ending Course - Always being updated

Free Trading Journal - Critical To Your Success

30 Days FREE Access to The Live Daily Trading Room (Normally $197 a Month)

Commodities Course 
Trading Room 30 days 
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30 Day No Questions Ask Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Refund Policy

If at anytime you feel that these amazing course(s) do not meet you your expectations, literally impossible, you will get all your money back with no questions ask!